How to Improve Hospital’s Revenue & Quality Scores

By | June 16, 2017

Hospital RevenueIn the present time of widespread uncertainty in the healthcare industry, there is still an opportunity to generate a multi-million dollar net contribution to your bottom line while improving patient care, taking no risk, and making no sizable upfront investment. Medsolis can help you access this opportunity. Please allow me to present an overview below.

Attractive ROI – No Risk – No Capital Cost

$1M direct new revenue per thousand qualifying patients (inpatient + outpatient): As a part of the shift to Value-Based Care, Medicare is now paying for chronic care management activities. This payment is an opportunity to improve patient care while creating a sustainable new revenue stream. This revenue is guaranteed if right operations are put in place.

• $1M additional revenue per fifty beds due to patient retention and satisfaction: Establishing a meaningful ongoing relationship with patients can contribute $1M per 50 beds in your hospital by increasing bed utilization. At the same time, give a boost to your HCAHPS and NPS scores.
Eliminate readmission penalty as a no-cost add-on benefit: Your projected avoidable readmissions penalty goes straight to your bottom line. Moreover, any expense you have budgeted to address readmissions will be absorbed by this initiative. The net result can be several hundred thousand dollars contribution for most hospitals.
• Prepare for even more changes that are coming: If the healthcare industry has been chaotic in the last few years, it will only become even more so in the coming few. One thing that looks to stay the course is the move to Value-Based Care (VBC) and Alternative Payment Models (APM). This initiative will maximize long-term preparedness for them.

Medsolis can help you unlock these opportunities in a single strategic initiative that implements the right approach to care management and patient activation.

The MedSolis Difference

Let Medsolis deliver efficient and effective care management that adapts to your needs, even as they change over time. It requires minimal upfront investment or maintenance cost. The Medsolis solution is: Simple, Smart and Scalable.
• Simple: Easy to deploy. Easy to use. Easy to maintain.
• Smart: Highly personalized for each individual patient while also being highly automated, relieving care managers of unproductive and mundane work. They can focus on patient care and relationships.
• Scalable: You can start it as small as you want and grow on demand, all while tracking your expense to the current scale of the program. This lowers the entry barrier and eliminates your risk.

Partnering with Medsolis

Getting started with MedSolis is easy. Through our well-designed implementation program, you can benefit from these revenue generating opportunities within a matter of weeks. Our staff will also collaborate with you to help identify the best model for your needs, ranging from a turn key solution to a software only option.

Medsolis is one of the few truly patient-centered solutions that combines industry-leading technology with minimal cost and deep-seated knowledge. The cross-functional care team handling with the web and mobile modules that integrate patients, care managers, doctors, long-term care facilities, social workers, visiting nurses, family, etc can be a game changer for your revenue, quality and patient satisfaction initiatives.

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