Simpler & Smarter Care Management and Patient Engagement Solutions for Value-Based Care

By | April 28, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC (April 25, 2017) – Healthcare technology company medSolis will publicly unveil a new generation of smart, cost-effective care management and patient engagement tools at the World Health Care Congress taking place here from April 30 to May 3.

MedSolis, a Frisco, Texas based company, was founded by a group of physician and healthcare innovators with broad experience at leading health plans and provider services who wanted to provide simpler, easier-to-use tools to improve value-based care.

“Simply put, our goal is to make the lives of clinicians and patients easier and better,” says medSolis CEO Akash Randhar. “There are options out there, but we are delivering novel products that are scalable, portable, affordable and make an impact quickly. Most important, they help improve outcomes and satisfaction for patients.”

In an effort to avoid penalties and lessen care costs, healthcare providers and payers are focusing on managing chronic conditions to reduce the occurrences and severity of illness, as well as lower the risk of readmission after a hospital stay. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reimburses providers for implementing effective chronic care programs.

The medSolis suite of products meet CMS reimbursement criteria and are cloud-based, which means hospital systems, health plans and ACOs of any size can quickly and affordably adopt the solutions they need most, adding others as priorities arise and budgets allow.

“We bring a positive ROI to every aspect: Our solutions are cost-effective and easily implemented. They improve communications among providers, patients and caregivers. And, they help simplify the processes that improve care across the continuum,” Randhar adds. “You enter and see information relevant to your circumstances. Physicians and care managers track your unique needs. It’s common sense.”

World Health Care Congress attendees can view the medSolis Care Management solution, which pairs a care management record with an easy-to-use hand-held patient Engagement app that can be integrated into practically any care setting, including post-acute care. The tool includes:

  • Tracking and reporting of time spent per month for core care management processes
  • Automated assessments using evidence-based guidelines
  • Electronic plans of care that can be shared with the broader care team
  • Automated, event-based tasking and role-based tasking
  • Facilitated medication reviews
  • Self-Management Action Plans that can be shared with patients

“MedSolis CEO Akash Randhar will be available at the Congress and products will be demonstrated at booth #905”.


MEDSOLIS is a Healthcare software products company that is focused on creating a collaborative platform for patient management. Committed to simplicity and innovation, MEDSOLIS comes closer than most to “cracking the code” of effective and efficient clinician and consumer engagement, thereby bringing its customers closer to value-based healthcare delivery.

The increase in consumer ownership will be a determining factor to address many of the healthcare industry challenges, including avoidable 30-day readmissions and management of chronically ill individuals for ACOs and Payers. MEDSOLIS believes that the industry cost and the technology curve, aided by regulatory forces, have reached a tipping point to make this elusive goal a reality, and is committed to deliver easy to use, action-oriented technology products to achieve that goal.