Prashant’s Goa Experience

Pleasant smiling faces of Medsolis Team at the Indore Airport

So, Goa — If you are looking for scenic beauty with its lush greenery, blue and clean beaches or unbelievable enthusiastic place to go. Pretty nice place to be with your loved ones especially with your buddies. I was lucky enough to be there with my office buddies .


Happy Medsolis team during Evening walk at Grand Hyatt Private Beach

Our 1st evening in Goa got enchanted with the visit to the Private beach of Hyatt Hotel. The graceful waves, cool breeze and the alluring sand greeted us with pleasure and ecstasy. With a pleasant smile, we moved forward towards our evening games.

People flocked near calangute Beach to Enjoy Water sports

Another eventful activity at Goa was the water sports especially at calangute beach! The waves, which looked soothing in the evening on the first day, now appeared dangerous, as we were preparing ourselves for the water sports. We were not only scared, but excited too! The banana boat ride, Para sailing and water scooter, we enjoyed all the adventurous water sports.  Some of us were really enjoyed with this adventurous fall in the water including me and some were afraid of getting drowned. It felt like we met life!

Some of us were really enjoyed with this adventurous fall in the water including me and some were afraid of getting drowned.

But the most memorable moments were the post dinner meeting , which we have whether it is Quiz or Songs in our Melodious voice .

The meeting place and the sounds of the waves made it unforgettable experience.


Goa Fun – 2016

Once we decided to celebrate the hardwork and extreme hours put in by Medsolis team. Destination Goa was zeroed in. Lot of back and forth was done for the exact location and resort and the inputs from our local Goa expert came in handy,

It was a first air flying trip for many in the group and the excitement around it was palpable. Flight arrangements were smooth and the team glided to goa for all its glory.


Once we touched goa the sun and sand was all ours to explore. Everyone was in the weekend mood and the friendly vibe was contagious. The Grand Hyatt was ready for us and we were ready to have fun.

A lot of group activities were planned throughout our stay at the resort. The team enjoyed playing beach cricket, volley ball and impromptu pushups. Yoga, ping pong and swimming had a fair share of takers too. There was the camp fire night and song singing and lot of picture taking. The food served and the ambience was a high light among other things. The general meeting at the hall with marquee mentions was a soft reminder why we were celebrating in goa to strive for our personal best and to achieve that we truly deserve.


We deserved the spa and Jacuzzi time on the last day after such tiring fun of our stay and the special Jain food request that was made out by some.

Building a company is team work, when you are a team you ride together and you sail together and you share the excitement and the lows together but it is always fun nevertheless as is evident from our Goa trip.

We shall go back again for some more adventure but then the challenges would be new so will be the roads.
Interested in joining our team? We are always looking for fun loving people, feel free to reach out to us.